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My Intuition Experiment

A few weeks ago, I re-read Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware, by Andy Hunt. I’ve read it before, but this time something stood out to me: the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition. This model was first explained by … Continue reading

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The basics of Net Present Value

You’ve probably heard of the Stanford Marshmallow experiment. Researchers offered children a piece of their favorite candy with two options: to eat it right now, or to wait for fifteen minutes and receive an extra piece of candy. Supposedly, the … Continue reading

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Fighting time and looking forward

Over the last month, I’ve come to realize that maintaining this blog is going to take a LOT of work. If I compare the free time I have available in a given week to the time it takes to write … Continue reading

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Risk Management (and why most people get it wrong)

Why is Philip Morris still in business? Why do some people refuse to board an airplane? Do you play the  lottery? Most people are horrible at risk management. Our human brains aren’t wired to handle probability calculations. There’s a ton … Continue reading

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Why Getting Started Is Good Advice

In a guest post on I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Cal Newport argues that the conventional wisdom about big accomplishment, which says getting started is the key to success, might be dead wrong. I disagree.

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Making Career Vertically Is Like Overtaking Without Changing Lanes

During my professional life as an Industrial Engineer, I’ve considered a number of career moves. This was either because I received an offer, or because I applied for a position. Some, I accepted. Others, I declined. I imagine it’s that … Continue reading

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Hi Cal

I recently read your blog post: Following passion is Different than Cultivating Passion, and something about it really struck a chord with me. It even made me start this blog, something that I’ve been thinking (and procrastinating) about for a … Continue reading

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